Businesses may struggle with the costs of hiring a marketing agency to support their online communication needs, however there are other ways to achieve the same goal without unnecessary costs. To this end, I've placed my experience working in Web design, development and interactive marketing at the service of many clients. Below you will find the services I routine provide to help clients achieve their business goals and creative vision.

WordPress theme design and management

Creative affordable CMS services

Why spend the time to code ALL of your content yourself, or waste all the money to hire a web master. Wordpress is here! {more}

PHP & MySql

Custom sites, simple mods

Don't know how to make your website dynamic? Tired of editing a lot of html pages? Then PHP with MySQL is the best answer. With a dynamic page and database, you can have a website with an infinite number of page yet easy to manage. You can also do a lot of things that static sitescan't do like a contact form, post comments, user registration and content management. {more}

Custom Web 2.0 Site Design

Simple, Custom, and affordable web design

Every company has a unique set of communication needs. Attractive, marketing-driven designs reinforce your business identity and communicate intelligently with your target audience. Custom Web design is the best solution in most cases, but if your company is just starting out online, consider inexpensive template designs which can be modified to meet your needs and get your company online quickly! {more}


Custom Applications, Web Services, or tweak what you already have.

Need a custom application written? Or need someone to help modify an existing java app? {more}